Atlas Pad

  • Web3 Infrastructure & Tools
  • Cohort 7

Atlaspad introduces the world's first trustless Cross-Chain ZK Launchpad, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs for secure and private transactions across multiple blockchains. Addressing DeFi's privacy and high transaction cost challenges, Atlaspad allows users to participate in pre-sales confidentially, stake assets across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Mina Protocol, and validate transactions with a privacy-preserving Merkle tree-based architecture. Empowering users to move assets discreetly and efficiently across chains, Atlaspad revolutionizes DeFi with a seamless blend of privacy and cross-chain functionality.


Atlaspad is a multichain platform and we aim to integrate Saga's technologies for EVM-based user transactions. This integration will provide users with a more efficient and faster transaction experience, contributing to the growth of both the Atlaspad and Saga ecosystems while increasing user and transaction volume.