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Branch.GG is a Web3-native gaming platform whose first title is, a game that can be described as, “Animal Crossing meets Minecraft with a bit of Runescape,” according to Founder & CEO Dayton Mills. The game takes popular mechanics from various titles in the nascent non-fungible token (NFT) gaming sector and combine them into one browser-based, free-to-play experience.


A lot of P2E projects launch on other chains as a means of 'ponzi-nomics.' They need to go on a chain to get liquidity for the people on the last chain. They need to jump from one chain to another chain to another to keep their model going. I have been very clear that you are never going to know what chain this is on. For me, my goal is that the chain doesn’t matter.

Dayton Mills / Founder & CEO


Dayton Mills

Founder & CEO