• Web3 Infrastructure & Tools
  • Cohort 8

Civersia is a multi-purpose, easy-to-use 3D application that allows you to innovate when organizing product presentations, creating events, selling online and guiding your users, and also provides a new channel for your customer to become part of your brand.


We are a startup specialized in generating virtualization tools and AI applications. We have created a virtualization engine from scratch, whose main characteristic is that it is extremely light, since it is native web, but without subtracting computing power, which allows us to interact in virtual spaces from web environments, thus overcoming one of the great pains of the industry, since it requires large computational resources to create, move or generally manage spaces. Our solution requires a blockchain infrastructure to be able to secure transactions and thus be able to validate all the assets created in the virtual worlds that are generated with our engine.


Raul Touza