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As a metaverse development studio at the forefront of creating immersive experiences and audiovisual art, we specialize in collaborating with brands and developers to craft unique tools, code, scenes, and various content tailored to our clients' needs. By partnering with Saga we envisage developing groundbreaking WebXR experiences on-chain, incorporating the latest in generative AI technology to create engaging minigames and innovative immersive interactions.

As genesis artists from Stargaze, we proudly launched the first generative art and first audiovisual collections in the platform, and have been instrumental in introducing numerous artists and projects to the Cosmos ecosystem through our metaverse activations. Our notable collaborations include projects with prestigious clients like Samsung, Quentin Tarantino, Sandstorm, and the Decentraland Foundation.

We are excited for the perspective to collaborate with Saga, it is strategic move for us, bringing our experience and contribute with code, art and client activations across various chains. This partnership leverages our proven track record in delivering innovative solutions for the metaverse and blockchain technologies.


As a Decentraland partner studio with a focus on WebXR, on-chain generative art and minigames, we see a synergistic opportunity in the Saga Innovator Program. Our commitment to creating engaging metaverse experiences dovetails with Saga's vision for a diverse Multiverse, encouraging more developers to launch their own chains. This collaboration promises to not only accelerate our projects but also to foster new innovations in Web3 gaming, art and immersive entertainment.


Koshi Mazaki

Founder & Artist