Couch Heroes

  • Gaming
  • Cohort 6

Our aim is to build the ''social network'' for gamers, by gamers. Our immersive 3D game, powered by Unreal Engine, forms the centerpiece of a dynamic ecosystem. We're not just a game – we're a hub where players connect and earn real value. Through our API, developers can seamlessly integrate with Couch Heroes, rewarding players with exclusive items across their titles. These items are tradable, allowing gamers to exchange value between one another. We're transforming game time into a valuable, meaningful experience.
We have reached Alpha stage, having produced a proof of concept demo over the last 1.5 years, with a team of over 30 individuals. Moreover we have proof of concept of our partnership program (API/SDK) with a few indie studios we have partnered with in greece where we are establishing our development HQ and helping to push legislation to subsidize video game development to make Greece a game development hub of the future.
This is only the surface of what we want our platform to be able to accomplish for the modern gamer, we believe that gamers of all ages and backgrounds should feel their game time is valuable, meaningful and worthwhile, instead of a couch potato they can start to feel like Couch Hero.


Vardis Vardinogiannis