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We help institutional brands, artists and music labels index and unlock the value of their digital assets by #tagging their digital assets throughout Web3 via a decentralised naming service ( This enables brands to directly pay creators royalties for marketing their products, music or products. It unlocks crypto Defi and additional earning capabilities for creators and institutions. Moreover, this system is not limited to any particular platform. Creators have the freedom to publish their content across various channels, be it YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.


Ashley Turing


We see Saga as a key part of the future of Web3, specifically, Chainlets will unlock a range of opportunities not only across Defi but broader use case adoption, for example, we see Livetree / 3NS as an ideal fit to scale across Saga. We feel it would be absolutely crucial to deploy 3NS brand payment Web3 infrastructure to Saga. This will open a range of potentially hundreds of millions USD via digital asset commercialisation