Create wonders.


Connect. Create. Transcend.
Join Saga’s community to build new universes together.

When you are a part of Saga – no matter where you stand in the cosmos – you can see the entire universe.

Our mission is to break down  barriers in Web3 so  creators can focus on what they do best; create. Innovators on Saga are building the next wave of games, entertainment, finance and social platforms that will change the world.

Saga is building the infrastructure to let you spin up your own blockspace in minutes. But we’re also  creating a community and a culture that has aspiration, cooperation and support at its core.

When you build on our protocol, you not only leap your project forward with Saga’s technology, you open up new connections and infinite possibilities  for collaboration.


AI + Crypto's First Creation Is the Multiverse

Saga Realms: Into the Multiverse


Plug into the community

When you are a Saga Innovator, our team is always accessible. That means deep technical support, brand and marketing expertise, funding opportunities and introductions to other luminaries to help your teams’ star rise.

You’ll dive into our Innovators’ private Telegram and Discord and join in our roundtables to meet talented teams all over the globe who are building the future on Saga -exchanging knowledge, pitfalls, successes, and sparking new creative ideas.

We believe in the future of community-generated content and decentralized control of gaming and entertainment.


Expand the multiverse

As each new project and platform launches on Saga, the network effect grows, seeing cross-pollination of users between projects, content portfolios, intellectual property, token systems, shared features, connections to other blockchains and modular frameworks.

We believe in the value of open ecosystems and the power of growth, rather than creating walled gardens. We empower innovators who want to change the world, for good.


Build together

Innovation is combination - when we combine ideas and even platforms, we get much more than just a crossover; we can bring new paradigms and solutions into existence.

Saga Innovators are sparking innovation through collaborations, hackathons, gamesjams and meet-upsat conferences and other events throughout the world. Wherever they are, you’ll see the Saga team–ready to connect.

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