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Saga is the next iteration of a base protocol in web3 – hyper-focused on developer needs, and dedicated to ensuring blockspace is abundant and can be simply accessed. For every monolithic L1, blockspace has come to mean scarcity, creating high and variable gas fees, congestion, and throughput limitations. The modular stack attempts to solve these problems with paralyzing complexity: rollups, data availability, fraud proofs and shared sequencers are all separate components that have their own cost and performance challenges. Saga’s Integrated Stack is the next disruption in web3.

Saga is a Layer 1 protocol that allows developers to automatically spin up parallelized and interoperable dedicated chains that elastically scale with their Web3 application needs. Using shared security, cutting-edge validator orchestration and an automated CI/CD deployment pipeline standardized across any kind of blockchain VM, Saga makes launching a dedicated chain, or Chainlet, as easy as deploying a smart contract. It is the only E2E developer platform in Web3 that meets the three core developer needs: easy to deploy, affordable and fast/scalable and decentralized.

Saga’s mission is to enable the next 1000 chains in gaming and entertainment as part of the growing Saga Multiverse.

We currently have 300+ projects building on our protocol, 80% of which are in gaming. Saga has also inked partnerships with Consensys, Polygon, Avalanche, Com2uS, Celestia, Forte and Klaytn to automatically scale their infrastructure using Chainlets. Our vision is ambitious, and we need the smartest and most determined builders to join us on our journey. 

We’re looking for a Developer Relations Manager to grow our developer community—also known as our Innovators—and provide support in building decentralized applications on top of Saga. Your technical background and deep understanding of building across various blockchains will enable you to provide developers with the necessary guidance and resources. Your role will involve collaboration with various internal teams to ensure a seamless developer experience and drive adoption of our platform. 

We offer a flexible, remote working environment. You can expect a warm welcome from a friendly and international team that will support you in your personal and professional growth. This is an exciting opportunity to take an active part in the blockchain space and contribute to the decentralization of the future.