The Multiverse Summit Recap

The Saga team has returned home from a triumphant Multiverse Summit!

Attendees traveled through multiverses as they journeyed fully immersive, otherworldly environments and experiences aboard from Saga’s best games, characters and storylines.

See all the highlights from the event below!

Raise the Flag Ceremony

The Multiverse Summit was emceed by Web3 gaming influencer Brycent and GamesBeat Lead Writer Dean Takahashi capped off the summit with a fireside chat with Liao to explore the future of the multiverse.

The week began with a Raise the Flag ceremony where the Saga team officially raised our pirate flag on the Blue Rhapsody yacht and sailed into Gamescom to declare a revolution in gaming and entertainment.


Summit Highlights

Saga's inaugural Multiverse Summit featured more than 34 speakers from top gaming, entertainment, tech and Web3 companies including Unity, Samsung, ESL FACEIT Group, The Sandbox and more.

During the event, we unveiled Pegasus, the latest iteration of our protocol, which enables developers to automatically launch fully decentralized dedicated chains on Saga and the Saga Ethlet, a new Ethereum scaling solution.




We are beyond excited to share Pegasus with the world, as it adds unparalleled flexibility, security and customized fee models for chainlets including support for fixed fee or fee-less chainlets.

Jin Kwon / Saga Co-founder and CSO


Additional highlights of the event included Saga launching a product set highlighting features that game developers won’t find elsewhere, and a generative AI initiative with several lighthouse Innovators. The growing community of lighthouse Innovators creating games on Saga were also on board to showcase their games. These include Shrapnel, The 1st moddable extraction shooter game; Cosmic Exodus, an immersive strategy GameFi experience; and AILAND’s shooter game featuring interactive and realistic AI-powered character interactions. In less than 12 months, 224 new projects have entered the Saga ecosystem through its Innovator Program, 80% of which are gaming-oriented.

The Multiverse Summit Photo Highlights

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VIP Party Highlights


VIP Party Photo Highlights

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Official Sizzle Reel of the Saga Multiverse



Future of the Multiverse

The Path From Web2 to Web3 Games

Rebecca Liao Keynote

Generative AI and Asset Creation

Web3 Game Design

Web3 Gaming Infrastructure

Web3 Investor Panel

Web3 Gaming UX

Web3 Gaming Distribution and Growth

Web3 Gaming Communities

Avalanche Gaming w/ Garrison Yang

The Coming Multiverse

Rebecca Liao VIP Event Keynote

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